A Use certificate, certifying compliance with the Zoning Ordinance, must be obtained from the Zoning Officer for any new structure as below or for any change of use of a structure or land as set forth below before such new structure or use or change of use is occupied or established:

  • Use of a principal structure erected after the effective date of the Zoning Ordinance
  • Use of vacant land except for agricultural purposes
  • Any change in a conforming use of a structure or land
  • Any change from a nonconforming use of a structure or land to a conforming use
  • Any change in the use of a structure or land from that permitted by any variance of the Zoning Hearing Board
  • New business activity or change in business, permitted by special exception, variance or use by right.

Certificate of Use and Occupancy

The application for a use certificate must include a statement of the intended use and any existing use of the structure or land. The certificate continues in effect as long as the use of the structure or land for which it is granted conforms to the Zoning Ordinance.

Prior to final approval of a use certificate by the Township Zoning Officer, the property shall be in compliance with the current International Property Maintenance standards.