Sanitary Sewer Billing:

Spring Garden Township’s sewer billing is currently contracted through the York Water Company. Spring Garden Township does not handle the payments or billing for this service. If you have questions regarding payments or billing of your sewer service, please use the information: York Water Company 130 East Market Street, York, PA 17401 (717)845-3601.

Sewer Rates and Tapping Fees:

Sewer rate increases, beginning with the 2nd quarter 2020, were approved by the Board of Commissioners on December 11, 2019.

• Sewer Rates are as follows: residential customers connected to public sewer $143.00/qtr.
• Residential customer with a lateral will be charged a maintenance fee of $85.00/qtr.
• Nonresidential (base) $200.00 qtr.
• Connected metered nonresidential customer – over 31,800 gallons, additional charges apply to the base cost based on water consumption.
• Tapping Fee for residential sewer connections: Please contact the Zoning Officer

Your responsibility as user of the sanitary sewer system:

• Do NOT flush or pour unwanted, unused, or expired medications down the drain.
Do not dispose of diapers, paper towels, baby wipes, wet wipes, feminine hygiene products, dental floss, cat litter, dog bio-waste bags, or any other material (except toilet paper and human waste) into toilets.
• Never dump paint, solvent, oil, fuel, or chemicals into your sewer system;
• Separate large amounts of grease; let the grease solidify in a container and place in the trash. Grease is extremely detrimental to the wastewater process and habitually clogs sewer trunk lines;
• Minimize the use of your garbage disposal. Scraps, large food matter, peelings, etc. should be placed in the trash;
• Property owners are responsible for maintaining the sewer lateral line that runs from their home/business to the Township’s “main” sewer lines.
• Maintain lawn cleanouts by keeping them at least 6″ above ground surface and the screw cap intact to prevent unwanted ground water infiltration, unwanted objects or small animals from entering the sewer system or your home;
• Swimming pool water must not be discharged into the sewer system as the chemicals in that water will kill the bacteria needed for the sewage process to function properly;
• Basement sump pumps and rain water downspouts are prohibited from connection to the sewers as they add unnecessary stress to the hydraulic load at the sewer plant. Excess water can overload pipes and in extreme cases, cause sewage to overflow from manholes or basement plumbing fixture. Direct these connections onto your lawn, or into a seepage pit or stormdrain
• Use phosphate-free cleaning products and detergents to protect the environment;
• Tree roots are commonly attracted to lateral lines because of the abundance of water and nutrients in sewage. Roots can penetrate any crack or damaged joint. Once in the pipe, roots will expand until they fill all of the available space inside the pipe, which can lead to a sewer backup inside your house. The Township recommends that you schedule annual maintenance with your plumber to avoid a root problem.
• The Township will not be responsible or be liable for damages and/or losses that occurred due to the negligence or the fault of another party.

Sewer Connections and Plumbing Permits:

The following are the four forms that need to be completed for all proposed sewer connections into the sanitary sewer system.
Please make sure to complete all four forms in their entirety and return to the Township.

Plumbing permits are needed are any interior plumbing where the configuration of the piping or fixtures has been changed. Plumbing work needs to be performed by master plumber licensed with Spring Garden Township.
• Plumbing Permit Application
Note: work on water lines requires a building permit.