Special Event Permit and Park Rentals


Spring Garden Township has six park locations that offer rental opportunities: Tri Hill Park, Elmwood Park, Grantley Park, Windsor Park, Custis Baseball Field, and Mount Rose Park.  We encourage you to use these facilities.  Depending on your needs the parks offer many great attractions such as playgrounds, basketball courts, and restroom facilities.  The fees are listed below.

Pavilion Rental fees:
$20/resident and $50/Non-resident

Refundable Key Deposit (for restrooms):
$60/resident and $80/Non-resident

Field Rental fees:
$12.50/hour, $25 minimum rental

Tri Hill Park- 340 Tri Hill Road, York PA 17403
Elmwood Park- 1759 Third Avenue, York PA 17403
Grantley Park- 855 Grantley Road, York PA 17403
Windsor Park- 611 Windsor Street, York PA 17403
Custis Baseball Field- 776 Windsor Street, York PA 17403
Mount Rose Park- 1440 Mount Rose Avenue, York PA 17403

Field Rental Form
Pavilion Rental Form 2019
All Pavilion rentals and Special Event forms must be dropped off at 340 Tri Hill Rd, York, PA 17402.  For questions please call 854-7282 or email gwaltersdorf@sgtwp.org



A Special Event shall include but not be limited to a Parade, Public Assembly, performance, meeting, contest, exhibit, Athletic Competition or presentation, community event, Block Party or ceremony.  See the attached Ordinance, Resolutions, Regulations and Fee Schedule that govern this type of event.  If you have any questions, please contact the Recreation Program Coordinator at (717) 854-7282.

Ordinance #2012-11
Resolution #2012-07
Resolution #2012-08 Fees