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The administrative staff of Spring Garden Township provides operational function to the daily tasks of the Township.  The staff coordinates municipal activities in its responsibility to implement board policy as mandated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania First Class Township Code. 

Our staff is responsible for the financialsbudget, code enforcement, zoning enforcement, building and sewer permits as well as general office management.

Meeting Calendar

  • Board of Commissioners Business Meeting- 2nd Wednesday 6pm
  • Board of Commissioners Workshop (as needed) – 2nd Wed. 5pm
  • Planning Commission – 1st Tuesday 6pm
  • Zoning Hearing Board – 3rd Tuesday 6pm
  • Civil Service Commission – 2nd and 4th Tuesday 4pm

Administrative Staff

  • Luther C. Wike Jr, Acting Township Manager, Secretary, Treasurer
  • Adam D. Zimmermann, Acting Police Chief
  • Craig Ruhl, Public Works Superintendent
  • Dawn Hansen, Zoning Officer
  • Trey Goodwin, Code Enforcement Officer
  • Andrew Parker, Code Enforcement Officer
  • Rebecca Nicklow, Finance Assistant
  • Karen Smeltzer, Office Support
  • Eryn Arnold, Office Support
  • Kelley Sciangula, Compliance Specialist
  • Arlene M. Grada, Police Records Clerk
  • Lynette I. Eisenhuth, Police Administrative Assistant
  • George Stone III, Community Service Officer

Professional Consultants

  • Steven M. Hovis, Solicitor – Stock and Leader

  • David M. Davidson, Jr., P.E., Engineer – C.S. Davidson, Inc.

  • Krista M. Gardner, CPA, Chief Financial Officer – SEK CPAs & Advisors