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Board of Commissioners

Role of Commissioners

Section 1502 of the First-Class Township Code places general supervision of township affairs in the hands of the Board of Commissioners. Commissioners are elected, one per Ward, to a 4-year term and combine many of the roles found in separate branches or levels of the state and federal governments. The board of commissioners is charged with the governance of the Township to promote the sound fiscal management of the Township and for defending the health, safety, and welfare of Spring Garden Township’s citizenry.

The Board of Commissioners accomplishes its charge by enacting resolutions and adopting ordinances (laws), hiring staff to provide services, instituting fees and charges, adopting a budget and establishing tax rates, appointing advisory and special purpose boards and commissions to help oversee legislative activities and certain operational functions and services to the community, and performing duties and exercising powers as may be imposed or conferred by law or the rules and regulations of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Board of Commissioners business meetings are generally held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM at 340 Tri Hill Road.  As needed, a 5:30 PM workshop will be held.

David Detwiler
Vice President
Ward 1
End of Term: 1/1/2028

Daniel Rooney
Ward 2
End of Term: 1/1/2026

Anne Gray
Ward 3

End of Term: 1/1/2028

Andrew Herrold
Ward 4
End of Term: 1/1/2026

Thomas Gwilt
Ward 5
End of Term: 1/1/2028