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Property Maintenance

Snow and Ice

The snow and ice must be removed from the sidewalks within 12 hours after it stops falling.  The snow and ice must be removed each time, not just the first time.  The cleared path needs to be at least 30 inches in width.  Do not put the snow and ice in the public streets.  If there is a fire hydrant on your street, please make sure the fire hydrant is open and accessible.

Grass & Weeds

Spring Garden Township has a property maintenance ordinance that requires the grass and weeds not to exceed six (6) inches for all properties.

Trees along Streets and Sidewalks

It is the responsibility of every property owner located in Spring Garden Township to trim/cut the trees along the streets and sidewalks so the branches shall have a clearance of at least 14 (fourteen) feet above the paved area of the street so that the trees will not interfere with street lighting, wiring, and motor vehicles. There shall also be a clearance of at least 7 (seven) feet above the sidewalk area so the trees will not interfere with passing pedestrians.  Every property owner shall keep all trees, shrubbery, hedges, bushes, and other landscaping trimmed to prevent encroachment beyond the property line into any street or alley.

Property Maintenance
Property Maintenance