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Code Enforcement and Complaints

Code Enforcement in Spring Garden Township

The main obligation of Spring Garden Township’s Code Enforcement program is the enforcement of the Township Code of Ordinances for compliance with the Township’s property maintenance, nuisance, and all other Township codes through reasonable and unbiased administration.  Code Enforcement is attentive to maintaining the appearance of properties by correcting municipal code violations and land use requirements.

How does it work?
By responding to complaints of possible violations pertaining to concerns such as high vegetation, accumulations of refuse, abandoned vehicles on private property, and nuisance issues, the Township maintains a proactive stance on code compliance by exploring each ward on a weekly basis.

Upon receiving a written complaint, the Code Enforcement Officer will inspect the property normally within 24 hours. In the event a violation exists, a letter will be sent to the property owner explaining the nature of the violation, the ordinance code regulating the violation, and a date by which the violation is to be corrected.

What issues are not regulated by Code Enforcement?
Some issues cannot be resolved by the Code Enforcement Officer. Tree branches hanging onto your property, property line disputes, decorations, and aesthetics such as the paint color.  The Township cannot enforce subdivision covenants or deed restrictions.  These types of issues should be handled through an attorney as a civil matter.  However, we encourage our residents to be neighborly to one another – a pleasant conversation may make the all the difference.

Questions or complaints regarding vehicles parked in the street, general noise complaints and barking dogs should be referred to the Spring Garden Township Police Department at 717.843.0851.

Registering a complaint
To report a potential violation, you can visit the Township Administration Office at 340 Tri Hill Road, Suite A, York PA  17403 and complete the complaint form, or visit the Township website to complete the online form.  All written complaints are confidential and are not subject to inspection under the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law.

What should I do if I receive a Notice of Violation letter?
Discuss the violation and what needs with the Code Enforcement Officer so your property can be brought into compliance.  Some violations may be determined as safety hazards and must be corrected within a timely manner.  If you are averse to correcting the violation or making contact with the Code Enforcement Officer regarding the violation, you may be subject to fines and penalties.


Code Enforcement handles complaints in the township from other residents.  The complaints must fall under a violation of the township code to be acted on.

If you feel there is a code violation, you can report it via our form and upload to send by email.