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Municipal Budget

  • Advertised in the York Daily Record on 11/13/2023:
    NOTICE Within sixty (60) days of the date hereof, the Spring Garden Board of Commissioners will consider for passage an ordinance: 1) establishing the tax levy for fiscal year 2024; and 2) appropriating specific sums estimated to be required for the specific purposes of the municipal government during the year 2024. A copy of these proposed ordinances may be examined by contacting the Township Manager at the Township Office located at 340 Tri Hill Road, Suite A, York, PA 17403 (Monday Thursday 7:30am-4pm/Friday 7:30am-1pm).
  • 2024 General Fund Budget Narrative
  • 2023 General Fund Budget Narrative
  • 2022 General Fund Budget Narrative

Allocation of Your Tax Dollar

  • 71%
  • 18%
  • 9%
  • 3%