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Sanitary Sewer


340 Tri Hill Road, Suite A
York PA, 17403
Ph: (717) 848-2858

Recreation Facilities and Pavilions

  • Elmwood Park – 1759 Third Avenue
  • Grantley Park – 855 Grantley Road
  • Custis Field/Windsor Park –
    600 Block of Windsor Street
  • Violet Hill Park – 340 Tri Hill Road

All parks located in York PA, 17403

Go play outside!!!

Special Events

Special Events applications and Pavilion Rental applications found under the Permits and Application page.

Print the application, complete, and return to with all appropriate documentation, or drop off to Administration at 340 Tri Hill Road, York, PA  17403.   Complete and updated fee schedule found under the Permits and Application page.

Parks & Opens Space Plan

In May of 2016 Spring Garden Township developed this plan to guide future decision-making regarding parks, recreation facilities, programs and services, facility management, and the allocation of financial resources.  The Plan provides and assessment of current assets and operations and suggests strategies and recommendations for enhancing the quality of life for residents of Spring Garden Township.

Calendar of Events

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Park Rules

§220-1. Park hours.
It shall be unlawful for any person to use for any purpose whatsoever the facilities of any playgrounds and parks owned or leased and maintained by Spring Garden Township or its Recreation Commission, from dusk to dawn. Subject, nevertheless, that the Recreation Commission and Board of Commissioners may alter park hours for authorized activities that would otherwise be prohibited hereunder. Refer to § 220-9. Park hours for Reservoir Park.


§220-2. Littering prohibited.
It shall be unlawful for any person to put, cast, or deposit in any portion of any public park or playground any sort of filth, ashes, garbage, stones, sand, or rubbish whatsoever.

§220-3. Prohibited conduct.
It shall be unlawful for any person to do or assist in the doing of any of the following enumerated acts in any of the playgrounds or public parks of the Township:
A. Throw any stones or missiles.
B. Utter loud or indecent language or play or bring portable amplified musical instruments or loudspeakers upon the park property.
C. Gamble or play any game of chance.
D. Beg or solicit alms.
E. Solicit a contribution or subscription of money or other valuable thing.
F. Deposit any rubbish or refuse except in a container provided by the Township for such purposes nor throw any litter on the residential property adjacent to the park area.
G. Operate motorized vehicles and bicycles, mini-bikes, motorcycles, snowmobiles, or ride horses within the park area at all times. Bicycles may be ridden on improved surfaces.
H. Sell or offer or display for sale any goods, wares, merchandise, refreshments or anything whatsoever, except by authority granted by the Board of Commissioners or the Recreation Commission.
I. Remove any seats, benches, or playground equipment from their resting places.
J. Willfully deface, vandalize, or injure any building, seats, benches, trees, plants, shrubbery, grass, flowers or any other property pertaining to such parks or playgrounds or dig any holes or cut any sod.
K. Post any sign, banner, advertisement, or circular.
L. Play any game or engage in any sport or contest except at places designated and set aside by the Township or the Recreation Commission for such purposes.
M. Hit golf balls from or onto Township park property.
N. Transport, possess or consume alcoholic beverages, illicit drugs, or narcotics within or upon any of the playgrounds or parks of the said Township.
O. Smoke or use tobacco. Smoking shall include possession of a lighted cigarette, cigar, electronic cigarette, vaporizer, pipe or other lighted smoking equipment, and use of tobacco shall include smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco in any form.
P. Engage in lewd conduct or solicit for prostitution, immoral, or illegal purposes.
Q. Metal detecting.
R. Open fire or charcoal grilling.
S. Set off fireworks from or onto Township park property.
T. Any visitors to the park area to use any driveways, private roads or gardens or walkways of residential property to obtain access to the park area, and anyone using such private property shall be considered a trespasser subject to the penalties hereinafter provided. Access to the park area shall only be obtained by direct access from a public street or roadways provided by the owner.

§ 220-4. Dogs.
The restrictions set forth for in this Section 220-4.-Dogs at park areas will apply to all Township owned facilities, park playground areas, and all park grounds including those designated in Article II of Chapter 220, subject to compliance with the conditions and the rules and regulations of Spring Garden Township Parks and Recreation and may result in a citation and/or removal for any violation of said rules and regulations. All persons possessing a dog in a Township owned facility, park playground area or park ground of Private Park shall comply with the following:
A. All dogs must be currently licensed and vaccinated. Proof of a current rabies vaccination and license is required upon request of a police or animal control officer. Tags may serve as proof.
B. Dogs must be leashed (leashes are to be six feet or less). The person in control and possession of the dog must always keep the leash in hand.
C. No children under the age of 16 may walk a dog unless accompanied by an adult.
D. Dogs must be removed at the first sign of aggression.
E. The owner or person in control or possession of the dog must always be within view of their dog(s).
F. Dog waste must be collected immediately and placed in the proper receptacle.
G. Digging is prohibited; persons in control or possession of the dog are required to fill any holes the dog digs.
H. Excessive dog barking is prohibited.
I. Dog grooming at parks is prohibited.
J. Pick up toys and trash.
K. It shall be unlawful for any visitors to the park area to enter inside any area enclosed by fencing or any building on any property. Anyone so entering without prior written approval by the owner shall be considered a trespasser subject to the penalties hereinafter provided.

§ 220-5. Exceptions to use restrictions.
The restrictions as to use of the parks or playgrounds later than one hour after sunset shall not apply to areas specifically lighted for playground purposes after dark or when any recreational program is being operated by or with the authority of the Township or its Recreation Commission.

§ 220-6. Violations and penalties.
Anyone violating any of the provisions of this article, upon conviction thereof, shall be sentenced to a fine of not more than $600 plus costs and, in default of payment of said fine and costs, to a term of imprisonment not to exceed 30 days.