March 4, 2021 0

Dear property owner:

With regard to Spring Garden Township’s rental registration program, this letter is to provide information on several important matters:

  • Completed rental registration applications are due by January 31 of each year.
    Completed applications are to include current tenant names and move-in dates, property owner information, and point of contact information if the property owner resides more than 20-miles from the rental address.  Completed applications are to be accompanied by the per unit license fee.

Need an application?  Visit:

  • Don’t forget to provide your email address.
    Postal service has been wonky with delays as much as 1-month or more.
    We hope to do more business by email now and in the future.
  • Application reminders will not be sent in 2022.
    Download and complete the application found on the Township’s website.
    The completed application and fee are due by January 31.
  • The rental license fee for 2021 is $200 per unit.
    At the present time we do not have credit card payment, but should that change, we will post it on the township website.
  • Late fees will be instituted for the 2022 applications commencing February 1, 2022.  ($100 late charge PLUS $200 rental license *PER UNIT*)

Failure to provide completed application and payment may be issued a violation pertaining to §165 with penalties.

  • Reminder notices will not be sent in 2022; visit the township’s website to download the rental application.

Thank you.